This website and me

I have created this website-blog to share my everyday work and life experiences and maybe even teach you something new. Of course every post here is based on my own perception of the world that was formed by different life circumstances, people I met, events that happened to me and knowledge I learned. So please don’t judge me if I am wrong but accept me as I am and I really hope you will find interesting things here. But now let me introduce myself career-wise…

Andrius Baruckis
Android Developer


I am experienced developer focused to front end, who currently stepped to mobile Android development world.

I have been writing code and working with various software tools since the high school, which makes nearly 14 years IT experience while studying at university, freelancing, working for small business and large international companies. I am learning continuously, accept challenges in life and willing to use latest technologies consequently I managed to retrain my skills from dying Flash technology to start from scratch with mobile Android. Colleagues say that my extra special feature is my designer skill with my strong attention to details, which I use to create and implement beautiful convenient UI that I believe is number one thing when selling a product. During my work, first I always think, search for best solution, tool, or library to get the result rather than rush to start own coding without a plan.

Finally to be a successful developer and person I recognise the importance of good communication, diplomacy and keeping up to date with latest industry news. I find it naturally rewarding experience to do software development work as I have a chance to express my creativity that way.

In case you are thinking about how it would be working with me, hiring me and want to know me better, I would highlight these personal qualities that I believe I have developed during my lifetime (or I prefer to have):

Communicative, Creative, Detail Oriented, Strategist, Friendly, Adaptive

Outside of work whenever I’am free I enjoy:

Traveling around the world

Love doing that independently by planning everything on my own

Riding a bicycle

Besides that I also like playing basketball, tennis, running or just going for a walk

Playing video games

Actually to avoid wasting too much time I prefer playing only one game - NBA 2k

Learning something new

I am particularly interested in technology, investing, marketing, business, design, psychology