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Android Developer

Better Day™ Health |

November 2012 → June 2017 (4 years 8 months)

Permanent | Kaunas, Lithuania 🇱🇹 🇺🇸

  • Developed company’s main native Android app individually.
    See it in my portfolio.
  • Designed fresh UI that gave great feedback on the product from the users.
  • Rearchitectured project from the scratch to be using latest and best technology and practices.
  • Joined company at early startup stage, trained new team members.

Skills developed: Java, OOP, MVC, Android SDK, Android Design Guidelines, UI/UX, Android Studio, Eclipse, Git/GitHub, SVN, Web Services, Fiddler, Nuance 360 | SpeechAnywhere Services, Scrum, GSON, Retrofit, OkHttp, Otto, Picasso, Glide, Parceler, IcePick, NetworkEvents, Android Async HTTP, SimpleXML, SlidingMenu, Crouton, ASP.NET SignalR, Project Management, Leadership

Android Developer Nanodegree by Google

Udacity |

June 2015 → June 2016

Remote studies 🌐

Android official developer training program co-created by Google.

For intermediate programmers pursuing Android mastery, this program teaches the tools, principles, and patterns that underlie all Android development.

Flash Programmer |
Content Developer

EducationCity |

September 2010 → October 2012 (2 years 2 months)

Permanent | Oakham, United Kingdom 🇬🇧 🇺🇸

  • Upgraded existing and created completely new selling content – interactive Flash based activities programmed with ActionScript.
    See it in my portfolio.
  • Worked in multi-functional team comprised of programmers, designers and producers.
  • Technical initiative of the year 2011 award. Researched and created during my free time awarded prototype on Android and iOS for content transition to Adobe AIR technology.
    See it in my portfolio.

Skills developed: ActionScript 1.0/2.0/3.0, OOP, Adobe Flash, Adobe AIR, FlashDevelop

Flash Designer-Programmer

Terra IT |

March 2010 → July 2010 (5 months)

Contract | Kaunas, Lithuania 🇱🇹

  • Developed Flash mini games from conception to final realization involving visual design creation and functionality programming.
    See it in my portfolio.
  • Drew Flash vector objects with graphic tablet by hand, created design solutions.
    See it in my portfolio.

Skills developed: ActionScript 3.0, OOP, Adobe Flash, FlashDevelop, SVN, Drawing, Games, Design

Flash Programmer

MultimediaMark |

February 2009 → April 2009 (3 months)

Internship | Vilnius, Lithuania 🇱🇹

  • Created various, profitable Flash games during internship in collaboration with design team.
  • Final bachelor degree project.
    See it in my portfolio.

Skills developed: ActionScript 2.0, Adobe Flash, PHP, MySQL, Games, Project Management

Flash Designer-Programmer

Terra IT |

September 2007 → September 2008 (1 year 1 month)

Permanent | Kaunas, Lithuania 🇱🇹

  • Developed Flash interactive objects from conception to final realization involving visual design creation and functionality programming.
  • Drew Flash vector objects, created design solutions, CD covers, web graphic elements, icons, done corrections.

Skills developed: Adobe Flash, ActionScript 2.0, XML, PhotoShop, Drawing

Bachelor of Informatics, Multimedia Systems Specialization

Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) |

September 2003 → June 2009

Full-time, daytime studies | Kaunas, Lithuania 🇱🇹

A graduate has knowledge of informatics theory, computer hardware and software, is able to apply the acquired knowledge necessary to identify, analyse and solve problems in informatics, and possesses practical skills when designing and implementing software, professionally maintaining hardware and software and computer-based systems. The graduate has specific knowledge of digital media theory and technique, is able to select and develop software and hardware for multimedia.

Principal subjects: programming (C++, Java, HTML, PHP, OpenGL), data bases, mathematics, physics, computer graphics, computer architecture, networks, operating systems and other

Programming Course

Young Computer Users‘ school (KTU JKM / IFIM) |

September 2001 → June 2003

Informal additional education | Kaunas, Lithuania 🇱🇹

Principal subjects: computer literacy basics (Ms Windows, Word, Excel, Power Point), software packages (MathCad, Corel Draw, 3D Studio MAX, AutoCAD), programming (Turbo Pascal, Delphi) and other

Primary education

Raseiniai Šaltinis secondary school |

September 1991 → June 2003

Raseiniai, Lithuania 🇱🇹

🎉 I was born

26 December 1984 ♑ 🐐

Raseiniai, Lithuania 🇱🇹