Hello world! Let the blogging begin!

Welcome to my renewed website baruckis.com! This is the third remake completely from the scratch and hopefully will fit my needs for long time. First time for creating my website I used Flash technology but second time I moved to WordPress. As I really enjoyed the platform I decided to use it again on current third remake, so WordPress is powering my site right now.

This website is fresh start! I created it for two reasons. First one is that I want to present myself as developer and showcase all my past projects easily for anybody interested. And second, very important one, is that I want to start blogging. Why blogging? Because I want to write about my various experiences, especially related with programming and developer life in general. I believe that by writing and teaching others you can learn the topic yourself really good, so it’s win-win situation.

I appreciate minimalist lifestyle and idea that less is more, so for my website I was searching WordPress theme which would be simple and clean but also professional at the same time. And I have found amazing theme that fits all these requirements perfectly – Kalium – creative theme for professionals. Check it out, it is definitely recommended!


But for now let’s finish this first post and start my new blogging experience by proudly saying:

Hello world! Let the blogging begin!

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