Casino Roulette

Adobe Flash mini game

I have created roulette which is one of the most classic casino games. This game goes all the way back to the 18th century. There are many variations of this game and this particular one is a European form of roulette, which means that you will find a table with 36 red and black numbers and one green 0. You can bet on any single numbers, on red or black, odd or even. You can bet on an entire column, a corner bet where you cover 4 different numbers, a split bet where you bet on 2 different numbers, the first 12 numbers, 1-18 and so on. When you have placed your bets, press button and the computer will let the ball spin clockwise and the reel will spin counterclockwise. Once the ball loses speed it will end up in one of the 37 different pockets and the outcome has been set. By moving the pointer of the mouse over the different fields on the roulette table you can see exactly which numbers they will cover.

I have created Casino Roulette mini game, when I was working in TerraIT company in year 2010. This mini game was supposed to be integrated in flash MMO game in the future. I was programming the engine of the game, used ActionScript 3 version with Adobe Flash CS4 and FlashDevelop software. Besides I developed the design of the game.

Skills developed

  • ActionScript 3.0, OOP, Adobe Flash, FlashDevelop, SVN, Games, Design