Adobe Flash mini game

This game is called Crossword, however it is not a real crossword. 🙂 I’ll tell you an idea of the game shortly. Game is prepared to have different complexity levels. Every level has it’s own question and it’s own correct and wrong (not always) answers. All the answers are written randomly in the table. Player has to try to find a right answer to the question as fast as he or she cans.

At the moment it is just a prototype of the single player game mode, but in the future it was planned to be as a multi-player game. This mini game was supposed to be integrated in the flash MMO game later. I was programming the engine of the game, used ActionScript 3 version with Adobe Flash CS4 and FlashDevelop software. I have created this product while working for the company TerraIT in year 2010.

Skills developed

  • ActionScript 3.0, OOP, Adobe Flash, FlashDevelop, SVN, Games, Design