Kriptofolio (2018-2019)

Free open source minimalistic cryptocurrencies portfolio app

This is my own ⭐ project that I created alone from the scratch. For me it’s like my own playground to try and learn new Android development skills. While working on it and tried to use best tools and practices available at that moment. Also I simultaneously wrote blog posts series about the development process to teach others. I found that it is a good way for me to understand the complex development topics well.

Please feel free to find more details on project website or download app right now.

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Skills developed

  • Kotlin, OOP, Coroutines, MVVM, Android SDK, Android Design Guidelines, UI/UX, Android Studio, Gradle, Git/GitHub, Web Services, Postman, Android Jetpack (AppCompat, Android KTX, Data Binding, LiveData, Navigation, Room, ViewModel), Dagger, GSON, Retrofit, OkHttp, Glide, AdMob, CoinMarketCap API, WordPress, Project Management, Design, Writing, Marketing, Planning