Slot Machine

Adobe Flash mini game

My task was to create a popular slot machine model. Slot machine is a casino gambling machine with three or more reels which spin when a button is pushed. It is the most popular gambling method in casinos.

I have created this Slot Machine mini game, when I was working for TerraIT company in year 2010. I took some design elements from the internet and used ActionScript 3 programming language to accomplish my task with the help of Adobe Flash CS4 and FlashDevelop software. This mini game that I created was supposed to be integrated in flash MMO game in the casino building environment. The game has configurable payout amounts for each winning spin, payout odds and other good stuff. Just don’t wait and try your luck now! And if you don’t know the rules, so look at the payout table first.

Skills developed

  • ActionScript 3.0, OOP, Adobe Flash, FlashDevelop, SVN, Games, Design