Spotify Preview (2015, 2017)

Music tracks preview streaming app for Android using the Spotify Web API

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To start using this app you will be asked to authorize with your Spotify account by logging in to existing one or signing up as a new user. By having official Spotify app installed on same device and connected to your account you will be also authorized on this app automatically. When you performed the authentication, this app will allow you to search database for an artist and display the results with their thumbnail art in a list to choose from. Selecting an artist will show you the artists top 10 tracks based on selected country from the settings screen. Results will be provided in the new screen for phones and the same screen for tablets using the concept of the Master/Detail user interface design. By selecting a track you can listen to 30 seconds preview of that selected track if it is available. Music player with artist, album, track names and album cover will be showed in a new screen or a dialog again based on device type. Notification controls will be build based on app settings.


  • Version 1.0 - Oct, 2015 - Main release of the project with all planned features.
  • Version 1.1 - Nov, 2017 - Fix to support new Spotify Web API with authorization, new Android Studio project structure and better error handling.

App was developed for self training purpose as a part of the Android Developer Nanodegree program.


Android Developer Nanodegree is official Android developer training program co-created by Google and Udacity. For intermediate programmers pursuing Android mastery, this program teaches the tools, principles, and patterns that underlie all Android development.

Skills developed

  • Java,
  • Android SDK,
  • UI/UX,
  • Android Design Fundamentals,
  • Spotify Web API,
  • OAuth,
  • Retrofit,
  • Picasso,
  • Android Studio,
  • Git/GitHub