TestSharing (2019)

App for healthy, toxin-free living


TestSharing is a mobile app that gives consumers access to lab tests on food for chemicals and toxins.

I joined to work on already created product. My main role was to develop new features and improve existing ones for company’s main native Android app individually. I incrementally rewrote old Java code to Kotlin, applied Clean Architecture principles to make project more flexible to the changes. Besides just coding I also recruited new team members and done product analysis.

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When it comes to toxins in your food, legal limits don’t necessarily translate to healthy limits.

Human health considerations are not the only factor in the creation of national chemical residue limits. Labels and certificates are neither independent nor transparent enough to help you feel truly safe about your food.

TestSharing is here to give power back to consumers: by providing easy access to professional lab tests – easy and affordable as never before.

Let’s make toxin-free eating an easy choice for you.
TestSharing. Uncover the truth about your food.

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Skills developed

  • Kotlin, Java, OOP, MVP, MVVM, Clean Architecture, Android SDK, UI/UX, Android Studio, Gradle, Git/GitHub, Android Jetpack (AppCompat, Android KTX, Data Binding, LiveData, Navigation, ViewModel), Dagger, RxJava, RxKotlin, Gson, Retrofit, OkHttp, Glide, Pushy, Fabric, Project Management, Scrum, Trello, Leadership