Tūkstantukas (2009)

Final bachelor degree project - Adobe Flash games set

In the year 2009, Lithuania celebrated the millennium anniversary of it’s name. Main idea was to prepare a set of games for schoolchildren on the occasion of this celebration, that represents Lithuania and the Lithuanian people, their traditions.

On this project – games set “Tūkstantukas” (Millennium), I have worked 3 months during my internship at a company MultimediaMark. Later, I presented it successfully as my final bachelor project’s task at the university. I was responsible for project realization from it’s programming side. I have created 16 different games together with an initial version of the managing system that controls them all and gives the ability to send user’s collected points to a common database where user is ranked accordingly. The project was developed in collaboration with design team and presented for the users as one separate website. For games production, I have used a popular online games creation technology – Adobe Flash. At that moment, Flash platform was a leading solution for building rich internet applications. For my work, I have used Macromedia Flash 8, Adobe Flash CS3 software and a programming language ActionScript 2.

You are welcome to try final version of the project online, otherwise just read short descriptions and take a look at screenshots taken during the development stage of these 16 different games which I have programmed myself.

Skills developed

  • ActionScript 2.0, Adobe Flash,
  • PHP, MySQL, Games,
  • Project Management